Samuel Stallybrass - 3D Animation • Game Design



Levers & Buttons

As a team of two Artists and two Programmers we won the Golden Nica award at the Prix Ars Electronica festival in Linz with our game Levers and Buttons in 2018. My main focus was designing, modelling, texturing, rigging, animating and setting up the animatior controller in Unity 3D for the character. Additionally I was responsible for VFX, 2D art and modelling.

Character Animation

Enjoy the dance!

Character Animation

Juggling frustration.

Character Animation - Eyes of the Storm

Hoverbiker in action!

Space Battle

Using particle systems in Autodesk Maya combined with a custom comic shader I created a new episode of Star Wars.

3D Stuff

Some 3D stuff with my name at the end. I recorded and edited the audio aswell.

Frogking Gabe

Carefully crafted sea creature using Zbrush, Autodesk Maya and Unity 3D.

Zbrush – sculpting, UV mapping, texturing, remeshing

Autodesk Maya – rigging, skinning, blendshapes, animation

Unity 3D – VFX, lighting


A dazzling view of a desk using Autodesk Maya and Vray.


A performant slick oldtimer ready to be integrated into a game engine.

I also produce music. Sometimes it's a bit gross. Check your volume first!