I am proficiant with Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, Unity (including Animator), Zbrush, Vray, Fruity Loops and League of Legends.

I can build intermediate character rigs from scratch using Maya.

In addition I have basic knowledge of programming in C# specialized in scripts (meant for Unity 3D) and Unreal Engine 5 in general.

About me

I am a 3D Animation Freelancer from Austria. I chose this path because I was amazed by Animation very early on in my life and I guess I never stopped being amazed. Watching high quality animation mezmerizes me and makes me very happy – I want to be able to make other people feel joy.
It does not matter how boring a story might be, it is up to the animators to make it feel alive and fascinating, and that is where I will give it my all.

born 19.01.1999

3D Animation Freelancer from Austria

Work Experience:

2022 –
Gameplay Animator “Meta Nanos”

2023 –
3D Artist, Animator and Rigger “Eskentert Productions”